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What is Funderbeam Data?


Funderbeam Data is a data intelligence platform comprised of over 150,000 startups and more than 20,000 investors globally.


For startups, Funderbeam Data can be used to evaluate the competitive landscape of your company and the overall environment of the industry your company is operating in.


For investors, Funderbeam Data is a research and analysis tool where you can discover and track new startups and potential investment targets. In addition, Funderbeam offers a suite of tools that allow investors to assess industries and markets.


In addition, Funderbeam Data can be leveraged by third-party applications using our API or our embeddable widget.


Can I include my startup on Funderbeam Data?


Absolutely – as long as it fulfils our criteria to be considered a startup. In order to add your startup (or any startup that may be missing) to our database, just click on ‘Startups’ from the DATA dropdown and click ‘+ NEW STARTUP’


Fill out the form with the appropriate information and our bots will scatter across the web to gather the information needed to put together a profile. We require at least a name, website, and short description of the company to get the bots started, but the more information you fill out, the less work they have to do and the more accurate your startup’s profile will be.




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