FAQ -DATA- (2)


I noticed some information is incorrect – how do I fix it?


We allow users to suggest edits to startup profiles, but we don’t give users explicit control or ownership of a profile. In order to suggest an edit, go to the startup’s profile and click the ‘Edit’ button in the top-right corner.


Once you’ve suggested your edits, they will be reviewed and verified by members of our data team. Once the edits are approved the startup’s profile will be updated. This process is usually done within two business days.


Where does your data come from?


Data is collected from a combination of public sources, strategic partnerships, and the crowd. The raw data is collected, cross-checked for validity, and run through a rigorous series of algorithms to make sure the data we’re displaying is as accurate as possible.


Sources include social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well as media outlets such as TechCrunch, FinSMEs, and PE HUB. Partners include CrunchBase and regional partners across Europe.

情報源には、Facebook、Twitter、LinkedInなどのソーシャル・メディアのプロフィールや、TechCrunch、FinSMEs、PE HUBなどのメディア支局があります。パートナーには、CrunchBaseやヨーロッパ中の地域パートナーがいます。

On top of that, the data is run through a number of machine learning algorithms that have been tuned and statistically analysed using hundreds of thousands of data points. These algorithms give insight beyond the amount of funding a startup has raised and the number of Twitter followers they have.




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